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Have You Ever Said...

“I’m going to start my business or I’m finally going to write my book or I’m going to lose 15 pounds,” however, two years later the business hasn’t been started, only 2 pages of the book was written and you gained 5 pounds?


Are you always eager to create your New Years Resolution list? You’re super charged and determined to make the new year better than the last; so you write out these amazing plans and then by January 5th those plans have already started collecting dust?

What  Happened? 

Truthfully, there is a big dash between wanting to do something and actually doing it. Then there is another dash between starting something and actually finishing…

So, What's Your Dash?

Is it Fear Self-doubt - Procrastination Time Management - Poor Planning  -  LIFE  -  Too Many Great Ideas  -  Not Knowing where to begin

Before you beat yourself, know that we all have dashes. You know that thing that comes between you and your goals. No one is exempt, but there are some courageous people who refuse to let their dash stop them!

Have you ever secretly envied the people that reach for whatever goal they set? It seems they just go for it with little to no hesitation and then have the audacity to keep going until they reach the goal. How do they do it?!?


I wish we could say that was always us, but it wasn’t. Before starting our own businesses and writing our own books we needed a ton of support, direction, motivation and encouragement. We both agree that we received our greatest support through accountability!

What if we told you that if you put Accountability over your dash you would be guaranteed to start and accomplish your goals?

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Here's What Accountability Did For Us...

  • It allowed us to speak to someone who understood where we were.

  • They helped us organized our thoughts.

  • They helped us break through limiting mindsets.

  • They gave us a clear plan that made our goals attainable.

  • They believed in us enough to not let up on the things we wanted to accomplish. 

This is exactly what we want to do for you! 

We want to help you make your business and personal goals a priority. We want to take your goals from your imagination or off that piece of paper or off the 500th vision board you created and make sure you execute them. The time is NOW! Don't put your goals off any longer. 

We Believe in the Power of Accountability because we have witnessed the positive impact it had over our business and personal lives. 

It Allowed Us To:

Reach our goals

Eliminate Excuses

Eradicate Fear

and Operate at Maximum Potential

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Our No Nonsense Accountability Plan is Simple

1. Discovery

This is when we listen to your goals and ideas. 

2. Idea Mapping

This is when we organize your thoughts and pinpoint where we are starting first.

3. Implementation Strategy

This is where we provide a clearly written step by step strategy to guide you to completing your goal!

4. No Nonsense Accountability

Our experienced Accountability Bullies provide you with the accountability you need to get things done. 

Our Areas of Expertise

Business Start Up

Creative Marketing Strategy and Solutions

Project Management

Book Self-Publishing

Event Planning

Event Launches

Health and Wellness

Production (Theatre, Film, YouTube)

We have Three Great Options to Hold You Accountable.  


Some people just need to know where to go and how to get there. We created this plan with you in mind. Here is what you'll receive in the Strategy and Go Plan. 

  1. A 90 minutes discovery/strategy session

  2. Within 7 -10 business days you will receive a detailed step by step guide to get you to the results you wish to achieve. 

  3. One follow-up call to review your written plan (15 min call).

  4. Access to our private  StreambuildersBWOW VIP Facebook Group. 

  5. Educational and Inspirational Resources.

  6. Discounted event entry for all Stream Builder events.  




This plan is perfect for people who are interested in making accountability a lifestyle! Here's what this plan has to offer:

  1. Everything in our Strategy and GO plan and our Get it Done Plan above. Text Alerts and Group accountability sessions for One Month.

  2. Four weekly phone call follow ups with your Accountability Bullies

  3. One Live Group Accountability Session. 

  4. One month of the Get It Done Plan and Online accountability app to stay on task. One live Q&A with experts in our private Facebook group. Discounted event entry for Stream Builder events.   


No Nonsense Accountability

This is our most comprehensive plan offering maximum accountability. This plan is for people with aggressive goals to achieve next level potential. We apply the muscle and don't take excuses for an answer. We join your team, making sure you get every single task accomplished! Here is what you receive in this plan:

  1. Everything above for three months. That means, weekly affirmations. Accountability texts and Weekly follow up phone calls plus a 90 min strategy session including a step by step plan. 

  2. Free entry for 1 Stream Builder Event or workshop. 



This service is for those who don’t need accountability or a strategy, you just want to know the how to’s… how to implement different systems or software to make your entrepreneurial life easier! 

Here are a few things we help with:

1. On Camera Coaching

2. Zoom

3. Calendly

4. Paypal

5. Social Media Scheduling

6. Wix

7. EventBrite 

8. Mailchimp



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